Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Wisconsinology Blog: Ancient Wisconsin and Much More

Frank Anderson is the creator of the Wisconsinology blog. It is a not-for-profit site and doesn't promote anything except the views of Frank and his guest bloggers. Wisconsinology - in my opinion - features a lot of interesting content, some of it being relevant to Native people.

One of the posts is about our own Revolutionary War hero (or, more precisely, it is about his gravesite, the exact location of which is unknown), Captain Hendrick Aupaumut.

A series of posts on Wisconsinology is called "Ancient Wisconsin.." Some of the posts in that series gave me a better understanding of the effigy mounds that I've come across in various parts of the state.

Another post is about Billie Freshette, the Menominee whose claim to fame is that she was John Dillinger's ladyfriend. Somewhere else on the site somebody writes something about Johnny Depp's Public Enemies being a good movie - I disagree with that. I thought Public Enemies was a waste of my time. But enough about me, what do you think?