Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bat Creek Stone and the Lost Tribes

I haven't spent much time telling you about what first turned me on to Algonkian church history. To make it simple, I have some connections to Shawano County, Wisconsin, and, while going about my business, I heard about the Stockbridge Bible, which I'll venture to say is the most historic relic of Native Christianity in the Great Lakes states, if not in the entire midwest.

Just as the Stockbridge Bible was, for some time, the focus of my research, the Bat Creek Stone was the focus of Lowell Kirk's research. The Bat Creek Stone was found inside an ancient burial mound in Tennesee and the controversy surrounding it has been mostly about whether it was inscribed with Cherokee writing or Hebrew writing (the Cherokee alphabet was invented by Sequoiah in 1821). Another possibility, says Lowell Kirk, is that the Bat Creek Stone was a forgery.

I still have other relics to tell you about. My own position on the Lost Tribes Theory changes as I study it; I never believed that we will find any of these ancient tribes intact today, but did some Semitic people come to this continent before Columbus and incorporate themselves into the Algonkian nations? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

The Bat Creek Stone is with out a doubt fake. Luther Blackman did engrave it. His recently found diary (out of four diaries that he had) tells the whole story. Lowell Kirk had it 90% right.

Myron said...

That is odd. I have a strong paradigm supported by two other stones and an excavation to the sub ground that the Hebrews dominated the area durin the Hopewell phase of the Mound builders. The script is Hebrew.

The script may also be Cherokee. The central band of Cherokees is paying real money to get their claim of Hebrew ancestors into print.

But we need to understand what "Cherokee" means. It means "many people." The word Cherokee did not become well known until the Spanish and English started paying some tribes for slaves. Those tribes ranged from the Atlantic and Gulf coast west to the Mississippi and North to the Ohio, taking adult slaves, burning villages, and leaving behind a scattered remement. Those many scattered people became the Cherokees. We have evidence that a large area of Jews were devastated by the slave trade. They were some of the Cherokee.
There is another set of evidence that villages that may have been built by Jews met the same fate near Flagstaff AZ.

Anonymous said...

Stone is real. The diaries of LM Blackman was a hoax. Read Bat Creek Stone: At a Glance by Mandel Cook. He is married to LM Blackman's great great grandaughter. Plus Scott Wolter just proved it was real.