Monday, July 20, 2009

The Status of the Brothertowns' Status

This image was scanned from the July 20, 2009 issue of The Fond du Lac Reporter. The caption below reads: Brothertown Indian Nation veterans Boyd Radcliff, Jr., of Appleton, left, and Bernard Johnson of Oneida share a meal at the Brothertown Indian Nation's Annual picnic. The gathering was held on Oven Island at Lakeside Park. (Photo by Justin Connaher.)
Comments on an article in the July 20, 2009 Fond du Lac [Wisconsin] Reporter:

The headline reads "Tribal Status Close for Brothertown Nation." Unfortunately, the amount of new information about the Brothertown Indians' bid for federal recognition is minimal. Certainly there wasn't enough to make up a whole article. So the piece that was printed in today's Fond du Lac Reporter consists mostly of historical background, and let's face it, few people subscribe to newspapers to read about the past.

The impression that I get from the article is that the federal government isn't showing its cards. That wasn't even commented on, I imagine, because it is par for the course. But, for whatever reason, tribal officials are optimistic. Tribal chairman Rick Schadewald of Green Bay was quoted as saying that the Brothertowns are "at the top of the list and waiting for a decision." Apparently the federal government has been dragging its feet because the article says the "proposed findings date set by the government was June 23."

Let's hope the Brothertowns have good reason to be optimistic.

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