Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bill Miller and Janice-Marie Johnson: The Stockbridge Mohicans' Grammy Winners

My thanks to Wenona Gardner for posting a Shawano Leader article to her Mohican 7 e-mail list. The article, Bill Miller Wins Third Grammy is a good read.

A lot of Bill's music has been posted on YouTube.
Since this blog is about church history, I decided to embed a song of his called "I Believe."

Possibly even more famous than Bill Miller is Janice-Marie Johnson, a member of "A Taste of Honey" the group that won their Grammy for Best New Artist in 1979. Their number 1 song was called "Boogie Oogie Oogie." You could actually sing those kinds of words in the 1970's and become rich and famous doing it. Or, maybe not just anybody could, but Janice-Marie did.

A Taste of Honey's big hit "Boogie Oogie Oogie" can be viewed on YouTube.

Read the Wikipedia article about A Taste of Honey.

No doubt about it, Janice-Marie can still rock.


Luc said...

Janice Marie Johnson ... O yes when I was young... 18 in 1978 and soldier... Well I was deep in love with her... Wauw what was she sweet and beautifull... Ok nice to see her in good condition! I don't forget the nice moments... Thanks Janice and friends!

Debra Winchell said...

Is Janice-Marie Johnson Stockbridge Mohican too? She'd be a good addition to the display I'm doing on the relevancy of Native Americans for our local pow wow.