Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Treaty with the Delawares of 1818

While I have had quite a few things to say about treaties (see U.S. Indian Policy), I may have neglected to point out that a lawyer, Charles J. Kappler (1868–1946) compiled and edited all the treaties that the United States made with the various Native nations and his work is now available at one place online.

You may remember that the Stockbridge Mohicans once hoped to join the Delawares on the White River in Indiana Territory. I've already addressed the details of that intended move including why it never happened. Somehow the Delawares were "persuaded" to sell their land. They may have been told that it would be better to sell and have the U.S. Government provide them with a western reservation than to fight to their deaths.

Anyway, by signing treaties, of course, Native nations ceded or handed over their lands to the United States. More than one treaty was made at St. Mary's in 1818 and the one that we are concerned with here was made on October 3rd, 1818.


Maaliish said...

Are you aware of Red Brethern:
about Stockbridge-Munsee and Brotherton. I've read the manuscript and loved most of it. It's on Amazon and will be released mid November. Worth reading. If you've already commented on it, I apologize, as I haven't been keeping up with your blog. Maaliish

Jeff Siemers said...

I don't remember that title, but I have communicated with the author. He wrote something about the Brothertown Indians.

For those who want a fist look at "Red Brethren," use this link: