Friday, December 13, 2013

Navaho Star Wars is Available on DVD

I am so happy for the Navajo people!

Although it is still spoken, the language of the Navajo people, Dine' has been falling into disuse.
So what did the Navaho Native Mueum do about it?

They redubbed the orignal (1977) Star Wars movie (aka A New Hope) into Dine'!

I first read about it at Indian Country Today.

At the premier, one museum official said "the most important thing that happened tonight was...people....were...enganged without feeling they were, you know, in a lesson."

The voice actor for Han Solo told a reporter that the youth of the tribe would be speaking more Navajo/Dine' because of the film.

I cannot say enough about what the movie already means to the Navajo people, but I also feel I need to point out that this film - with English subtitles - was shown "off the rez" and the critics at Roger Ebert's Balder and Dash felt it was - in some ways - an improvement over the English language version. That is high praise.

What a wonderful, feel-good story!

And now "Navajo Star Wars" is available on DVD!!!

Read about it in the Navajo Times.

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