Friday, February 27, 2009

WI State Journal Series: Down to a Whisper

The Wisconsin State Journal has done us a great service by running a series of articles about Wisconsin's Native languages, especially Menominee, Ojibwe (both Algonkian languages) and Ho-Chunk (a Siouxan language). The Potawatomie (Algonkian), and Oneida (Iroquois) languages also come into play in the series.

Use the links below for articles by Jason Stein:

  • "Last Hope for Native Languages,"

  • "Languages a Window into Human Mind,"

  • Kris Caldwell (pictured right), a 58-year-old Menoninee, explains why her father never taught her how to speak the Menominee language in
    "'Through Love we Lost the Language' "

  • "Overcoming Their Past to Teach the Young"

  • "A Journey Back to Ourselves"

  • and, last but not least, an interactive audio-visual experience, "Down to a Whisper" can teach you the basics of Menominee, Ojibwe, and Ho-Chunk.

  • Reporter/author Jason Stein won the Freedom Forum/American Society of Newspaper Editors Award for Distinguished Writing on Diversity for this series.
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