Thursday, June 11, 2009

American Creation

American Creation is a history blog that I occasionally look at. It is about the role of religion in the founding of our country (the United States of America). I wouldn't call the authors anti-Christian, but they sometimes take a few rips at people like televangelism pioneer Pat Robertson. Only a few of their posts are about Native Americans. Here are three that I consider to have some relevance to Algonkian Church History:

1. Should We Celebrate Columbus Day? Answer: whether we do or not, you should remember this: He was a Really Bad Person. He used the Bible to justify violence and enslaving the Taino people for his own economic gain.

2. American Indians and Property If you think American Indians had no concept of property, you're guilty of looking upon them as "noble savages." To me, the post would have been better if historic/anthropological details were discussed, rather than just a discussion about European philosophers and what they said or wrote. Nevertheless, I agree that the Algonkians did have notions of property. But they weren't quite the same as those of the whites, were they? The Indians (of course) had an economy, but it was more of a communal one than that of the whites.

3. Native Americans and the Lost Tribes of Israel This is American Creation's take on the Lost Tribes theory.

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