Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Doris Duke Collection: Primary Data on the Delawares, Shawnee, and Other Tribes

The Internet Scout Project reviews websites and one of the sites that recently passed muster is the Doris Duke Collection of American Indian Oral History. As the Scout Project states, the digital version of the collection allows readers to access hundreds of interview transcripts from the period 1967 to 1972. The interviews were conducted with Indians across Oklahoma regarding the cultures and histories of their different nations and/or tribes.

A photo of Nora Thompson Dean, also known as Touching Leaves. Being fluent in the Delaware language and traditional Delaware ways, she was sought out by researchers such as Clinton A. Weslager and Herbert C. Kraft.

Here's an April, 1968 interview with Nora Thompson Dean labeled by the University of Oklahoma as "Family History; Peyote Rituals, and Delaware Customs."

Here's Webb Littlejim's "History of the Shawnee."

Tom Captain talks about the "Eastern Shawnees and Other Small Tribes of Notheast Oklahoma," including Ottawas. Senecas, and Miamis.

Something of interest on the New York Iroquois: Kenneth Oyler tells Stories of Cayuga - Seneca Country.

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