Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Jersey's Forgotten People: The Piney-Lenape

For every Indian migration or removal, there are almost always a few who stay behind. Although you might expect that after 200-plus years the Lenape that stayed in New Jersey would have been integrated and intermarried into the larger culture to the point of not being visible on the internet, this is not the case. Thomas H. Bozarth Sr. and Steven Carty "manage" a website under the banner "New Jersey's Forgotten People" and they also refer to it as "The Piney-Lenape Domain."

The shortcoming of the site is that it appears incomplete, claiming on the one hand to be under construction, but on the other hand, reporting their last update was August of 2007. Nevertheless, I think the site really has enough content, it just promises a little more than it delivers.

The Piney-Lenape Domain is well-illustrated with contemporary photos and historic maps. It includes a "Who we are" section, appropriate links and other resources, and a "Misinformation page," which features a link to a scathing review of one of Evan Pritchard's books.

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Anonymous said...

Thomas Bozarth is one of the nicest person I have ever meet. struggling from health and financial problems but still will do just about anything for the older people in the town